Founder’s Message

“Sujana’s success is not any one member’s success. It is the success that belongs to all at Sujana.”
Day-in and day-out I hear high-sounding words that describe me as a glorious visionary and a brilliant entrepreneur. This momentous occasion, I want to say from my heart that my vision and entrepreneurship wouldn’t have been realized if not for the valuable contribution of our team leaders and competent staff that run this organization. Definitely, Sujana as it stands today is the dream come true for me, but the fact that it is you who have helped me to realize my dream, I acknowledge that, totally.

Sujana is now a Billion Dollar Group with a strong presence across diverse verticals – Steel, Power and Telecom Infra, Domestic Appliances, Light Engineering (Bearings and Castings) and Urban Infrastructure. We have made innovation and trendsetting technologies as our pillars of strength that have helped us to remain competitive and sustain our profitability.

I have always thought differently, and probably this zeal to think differently has helped me to realize what Sujana is today. New ideas and business methods have always endeared to me, and I hope I will continue to inspire the next-generation of entrepreneurs with new ideas.

In the mid-80s, I started with manufacturing a popular basic domestic appliance, fan. The ceiling fans and pedestal fans were introduced under the brand name ‘Padmini”, which has become a household name across India. This followed successful manufacturing of LED lighting, remote controlled fans, and power saving devices. All through, I have predicted the market needs and delivered products that matched the customer’s expectations, totally.
The initial success that we scripted at the production and distribution of domestic appliances and LED devices was continued with focus on the manufacture of ball bearings and castings. We could identify and address the gaps in this area. Today, we made a mark as the leading company for the production of high quality ball bearings and castings.
As I was brainstorming with my classmates and fellow industry leaders, I found that steel is a vital input for the infrastructure industry. I researched further to know that the supply of long steel does not match its demand in India. We started our long steel manufacturing units in the three States of Telangana (Medak, Mahaboobnagar) Andhra Pradesh (Visakhapatnam) and Tamilnadu (Chennai) launched our first ever brand TMT Steel – Sujana TMT.
Significantly, a strong demand for customization has re-oriented our perception of steel, which changed from considering steel as a commodity to steel as a service. This meant generating greater returns on investment for each customer, with offer of custom and affordable long steel products.

Now, our steel has emerged as the choicest brand of businesses across India. Sujana TMT, Smart Steel (Readymade Steel) and Sujana Plus (Premium Steel for mega constructions) represent international quality and durability. We are now at a point of time where we make steel as per customer’s specifications.

What we call it as smart steel has re-defined the way steel is manufactured and delivered to the industry, and its provision for ready use at project sites. Our offer of custom products to our clients across verticals took us to new industry frontiers. We started making custom steel for Telecom & Power Infra, and Urban Infra sectors.
Today, Sujana has over 6,000 workforce, and enjoys a strong presence in India. I can say with conviction that, with my teams’ support, I could transform Sujana, a Pan-India company to a globally recognized manufacturer of long steel products.

Since day one, we have given great importance to our social responsibilities, and took every step to realize our goals of corporate social responsibility. Through Sujana Foundation, we have undertaken many initiatives for the needy, destitute, orphans and the under-privileged of the society.

As I understand, the challenges of social responsibility are many and complex. We are doing our part to realize our social objective “we share your concerns, and we care for you.” Something that needs due mention is that, the Foundation has always worked for the cause of the girl child. This is an integral part of our major initiative to provide school education to the underprivileged and the physically and mentally challenged children.

– Y S Chowdary, Founder, Sujana Group