Sujana Group
Sujana Foundation

Sujana foundation, The CSR arm of the sujana group was established in 2007 to serve the society and community in the sectors of Agriculture Education, Management Healthcare Rural development,Rural Entrepreneurship and Poverty alleviation

Sujana Group of Companies has integrated the real mechanisms of the CSR Accountability, Sustainability, Transparency and responsibility into its core business strategy. Over the years sujana Is sharing its success and resources with those less privileged in society through Community involvement


Partner with beneficiaries in creating sustainable solutions and achieve the desired impact through mutually appreciated change initiatives


  • Create sustainable revenue streams through strategic investments
  • Partner with beneficiaries in evaluating the problems/ creating the solutions, in the following areas :
    • Education in semi-urban and rural areas with special focus on skill development
    • Entrepreneurial development
    • Healthcare
  • All solutions shall be sustainable and result in measurable impact
    • Recognize and promote excellence
About Sujana Group

Sujana Group, one of the largest business houses in South India, has a significant presence across industry verticals including Steel, Power and Telecom Infra, Appliances, International Trade, Energy, Bearings, Castings, Education, Healthcare and Urban Infrastructure. With over six thousand employees and annual turnover of $1.98 billion, Sujana Group is ranked among one of the top ten expanding groups in India as on July, 2011.

Led by its philosophy of entrepreneurship unleashed Sujana Group looks at financial, social, ethical and environmental sustainability in every business and upholds leadership as a way in every walk of life.

Promoted by Sri Y.S. Chowdary in 1986, Sujana Group is celebrating the completion of 25 years.

Sri Chowdary is a visionary and prime force behind delivering excellence across the verticals of the group. Born in 1961, into a family of well educated and celebrated Govt. Officers., it is only but natural for Mr. Chowdary to pursue intellectually exploratory paths. This pursuit led him to earn a Degree in Engineering from CBIT in Hyderabad, as well as a Masters Degree in Engineering from PSG Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.

Unlike the most engineers of those years, he decided to be entrepreneurial and established his own engineering business, making household Fans. Continuing the success he gained in his first business, he established Sujana Group of Companies, ventured and expanded into different areas of engineering and services.

He is an active Politician (Member of Rajya Sabha) and extends his reach beyond business by promoting Entrepreneurs, Education, Sports, Girl Child, Environment and Fine Arts.

Mr. Chowdary believes in the welfare and development of people. He generously contributes his time and resources to make a difference for those who are less fortunate. He is proud of Indian heritage and nurtures Indian culture, taking all opportunities to do so. He envisions a day, where looking for jobs is no longer the goal of youth, but the drive to be entrepreneurially successful. He shares his experiences and encourages youth to pursue paths less trodden to gain success and help in development of the nation.